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Meet the Makers

Our gift boxes wouldn't be what they are without the talented locals makers.

Michelle - Koa Organics

At Koa Organics each product is handmade respectfully with loving care in Rotorua, New Zealand where Michelle lives. All products aim to use 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. They are specifically formulated to enhance health and well-being using nature as the divine guider. 

Karola - Lola & Me

Lola & Me organic baby wear started in 2016 with an aim to create quality, classic and practical handmade baby accessories using only organic cotton and merino. Each product is hand cut, made and produced at Karola's wee studio in Ōhope Beach. 


Wyn & Chris - Harbourside Macadamias

Harbourside Macadamias is a family-owned orchard and business, located for over 35 years on the edge of the Tauranga Harbour, near Katikati. Wyn & Chris produce five varieties of macadamia nuts from 1,000 trees. The family firm offers a wide range of macadamia products, both sweet and spicy, and a liqueur.

Glenn - Solomons Gold Chocolate

Handcrafted, award-winning chocolate from bean to bar in small batches. Using the finest single origin cacao only from the pristine Solomon Islands, they create exceptional chocolate that is good for you and is 100% free-from Dairy, Gluten Nuts and Soy.

Julia - j3 Freshstore

j3 make their delicious avocado oil in Pahoia with locally grown avocados. Their oil is 100% cold-pressed in a single extra virgin process. They also deliver fresh avocados and fruit straight to your door.


Kelly - Hand Picked

Hand-Picked is focused on making flower buying and giving accessible, sustainable and fun. Kelly’s ethos is about honouring nature by allowing flowers and foliage to naturally find their place with one another. Her work is natural, wild, abundant and seasonal, sourcing local flowers and foliage whenever possible. 

Cherie - Pepper & Me

Cherie has used ten years of chefs knowledge, combined with worldwide travel and a passion for eating amazing food, to create the Pepper & Me range of spice pastes, seasoning blends, spiced salts and accessories. Her goal has always been to teach people how easy it can be to turn simple cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables into impressive culinary delights - all whilst wrangling children and long days at work.

Laura & Heidi - Nana Dunn & Co 

‘Nana Dunn & Co’ was created in 2019 by cousins Laura (granddaughter to Nana Dunn) & Heidi (Nana Dunn is Heidi’s Great Aunty Melba), who wanted to keep the Pickled Onion magic alive! The Pickled Onion recipe dates back to 1935 and was used for many years by Nana Dunn who would distribute her wares to friends and family members. 

Hannah - Real Rad Food

Hannah a passionate plant-based creative, began sharing treats to instagram as a way to meet more like-minded people. The more Hannah shared, the more she realised she was becoming part of a greater movement; a movement towards real food and conscious consumption. These two values became the foundation for Real Rad Food, which Hannah made an official brand in 2017.

Alex - AlfaBees

A family beekeeping business based in Papamoa, AlphaBees goal is to offer the most natural products directly from the hive to you. 


Louise, Brian & Miss Mac - Real Pasta

A passionate, food loving family based in Tauranga. Their pasta is made using local free range eggs, (most) doughs are solely made from flour & egg. They have achieved a gorgeous, silky smooth pasta that is light and won't leave you feeling groggy after polishing off a bowl.

Annette & Matiu - Ohiwa Black Diamonds

Located on the Ohiwa Harbour, in the beautiful sunny Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Annette and Matiu's truffles are grown in unique volcanic soils on oak and hazel nut trees. Their truffiere has been producing Black Perigord Truffles for over 18 years.

Suzie - Slab Ceramics

Suzie is a budding ceramicist and artist from Papamoa. She specialises in hand built and wheel-thrown ceramics. Her passion and inspiration for creating pieces comes from the wabi-sabi way of thinking, the idea that there is always beauty in imperfection. 

Renee - The Lactation Station

Renee Ball founded The Lactation Station while at home with her baby daughter. The Lactation Station loves to help mothers on their breastfeeding journey by suppling delicious cookies that aid in increasing milk supply, as well as tasting great.


Mavis - Milly's Fine Foods

A regular at the Tauranga Farmers Market, her famous chutneys and sauces are made in Katikati with locally sourced produce.